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Siemens Building Technologies

Live with purpose and create environments that fulfill your needs and wants without compromising your comfort. As an industry leader of building automation and control, Siemens helps set the standard for building safety and energy efficiency by introducing Siemens building technologies.

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Siemens is a manufacturer of building technology that offers energy-efficient infrastructure solutions used in buildings all over the world. Product lines include a diverse range of solutions designed to meet the commercial, industrial, and institutional building needs of nearly any size and purpose.

The open communication standards used in Siemens products allow users to integrate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lights and blinds, and safety features, as well as an assortment of other building control equipment.

Siemens’ innovative products help organizations save energy, reduce costs and simplify energy management, while simultaneously improving interaction between various components.

Siemens provides technical expertise and experience in an environment where creating the perfect place to exist is their passion, promoting sustainability, comfort, security, and an efficient way of living everyday life.

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Siemens Building Technologies For Smarter Infrastructure

Fire Safety For Peace Of Mind

By monitoring your specific requirements for fire safety and the disciplines involved, Siemens building technologies deliver peace of mind by creating solutions to protect your loved ones, guests, and employees. Their smart fire safety solutions and systems safeguard your perfect space, from fire detection to extinguishing and building management.

Advanced Security Management

Ensuring a safe space to exist and conduct business in a modernized world is of the utmost importance. With Siemens building technologies, offering sustainable security solutions form part of their overall goal of providing smarter building automation and control to keep up with an ever-evolving digital environment.

Energy-Efficiency And Sustainability

Caring for the environment without compromising growth, comfort, and productivity can be quite difficult without the proper expertise, systems, and technology in place. At Siemens, energy and sustainability work closely together with building performance by lowering operational costs and optimizing energy consumption to reduce environmental impact.

HVAC Products To Ensure Comfort

Encouraging energy efficiency and increased life cycles along with easy handling and high-quality products achieve comfort in your perfect place. Their open communication standards like KNX and BACnet offer smooth integration into existing building automation and control systems, managing interior spaces for ultimate comfort.

Siemens Building Technologies Systems Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your building technologies system ensures peak performance and identifies operational interruptions and mechanical/electrical problems before they become a major issue.

Our scheduled maintenance and service plans from MACC are customized to focus on the core needs of your space by offering:

  • Optimization of equipment
  • Improved system efficiencies
  • Lower operating costs
  • Static budget

Keep up with technology and system developments with regular systems maintenance on your Siemens building technologies solutions.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to reduce energy consumption and encourage smarter spaces. Learn more about our Siemens products and systems.

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