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Service & Maintenance

MACC offers scheduled maintenance plans to help you gain greater control over your facility, optimize equipment, create system efficiencies, provide a fixed budget and reduce your current operating costs. With MACC responsible for maintaining your controls systems, your staff can focus on the needs of your core business. Our trained and knowledgeable staff provides remote monitoring and is only a phone call away.
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Why Is Building Automation Maintenance So Important?

We Service BAS Equipment from All These Manufacturers and More…..

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heatingTop 10 Benefits of Predictive and Scheduled Maintenance:

  1. Preserves the investment made in a BAS
  2. Reveals and corrects control system issues
  3. Can reveal other mechanical and electrical problems not associated with the BAS
  4. Reduces the possibility of system downtime and operational interruptions
  5. Increases energy efficiency
  6. Reduces energy costs
  7. Increases system life cycle and ROI
  8. Increases overall satisfaction with the control system
  9. Increases the performance of the controlled systems (e.g. HVAC, Electrical, and Security)
  10. Keep your system technologically current on a continuous basis

Maintenance Plans

  • Labor only contracts (PML-Preventative Maintenance)
  • Labor and Parts (FM-Full Maintenance)
  • Annual and Multi-Year Contracts
  • Significant reduction in hourly rates when purchased under a contractor
  • Reduced Contract rates for additional hours if necessary
  • Contract price reductions on any parts required
  • Preferred customer response times guaranteed
  • After-hours and emergency services are available to all contract customers

Industrial control system in modern factoryMaintenance Reports

  • Maintenance reports are issued after each visit with service performed
  • Recommendations for improvements or upgrades are offered as needed
  • Helps our customers understand the value of continuing our maintenance services
  • Guarantee we provide the services our customers pay for

After Hours Emergency Service

  • 24/7 Emergency Service is available to all contract customers
  • Guaranteed response times are available to meet any customers needs
  • All contract customers receive priority attention over that of any non-contract service request
  • Significantly reduced service time and material rates for all contract customers

System Upgrades and Recommendations

Each contract customer will be provided opportunities and recommendations to upgrade their system to keep pace with technology and system developments. This helps extend the useful life of the BAS as well as maximizes the ROI from each system. This lowers overall maintenance and replacement costs associated with this portion of a customer’s total building costs.

For more information on a scheduled maintenance plan contact us today.

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