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Building Automation Systems for Schools (K-12)

Children in school raising their handsAt MACC, we work with school facilities to install, maintain, and upgrade building management systems and services. We understand the complexity of K-12 school building management, and always base our expert recommendations on your unique environment.

Extend the life of existing equipment—or install a new, smart school building management system that offers maximum value for your budget. Our specialty is open systems; we believe that no customer should ever get locked into a restrictive vendor relationship.

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Challenges in School Building Management

A school’s facility manager has a responsibility to keep teachers, staff, and students safe. But ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment in addition to managing the building’s energy efficiency is challenging.

Ventilation is particularly crucial throughout a school to prevent the spread of disease. Also important, is maintaining the proper temperature, humidity, and lighting to keep students and teachers focused on learning.

Automation Solutions for School Buildings

Smart building management systems employ today’s technology to resolve the challenges of building management in K-12 schools.

  • Integrated displays with intuitive interfaces enable quick and easy adjustments.
  • Programmable settings maximize energy savings by automatically adjusting temperature and lighting when rooms are vacant.
  • Wireless controls allow staff to fine-tune system settings from wall-mounted or web-based interfaces.
  • Keyless entry-systems secure restricted areas, granting entry only to qualified personnel.

These advanced solutions simplify school building management, so students and teachers can concentrate on what’s important—creating a better education.

School (K-12) Building Management Systems

Building Automation Systems

Managing the environment inside schools is complicated, with specialized requirements for HVAC, temperature, lighting, and more. Building management systems with controls that automatically adjust makes the job easier.

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Energy Management Systems

Maintaining energy efficiency throughout a school building is straightforward with an energy management system. Building managers gain access to smart controls and advanced reporting analytics, which lets them stay on top of energy use.

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Access Control Systems

School building administrators must restrict sensitive areas to qualified staff. MACC can help by installing automated access control systems with video monitoring, role-based security, and customizable alarms.

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Smart Room Controls

When it comes to temperature, humidity, and lighting for schools, one size doesn’t fit all. Distech’s Smart Room Control Solution lets staff customize their environment using smart, intuitive controls.

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Total Room Automation (TRA)

Siemens Total Room Automation (TRA) offers professional control of building systems in schools. With sensors that monitor room occupancy and settings in tune with the time of day, TRA saves energy and optimizes comfort for every room.

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School Building Services

BAS Installation

Let us eliminate any doubt you have about BAS installations! Our technicians are experts in automated systems for school buildings, and we’re committed to providing support for as long as it takes to ensure you’re satisfied with the BAS setup.

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BAS Upgrades & Retrofits

An outdated BAS could be limiting your ability to support student and staff comfort. MACC can upgrade or retrofit a legacy BAS, rejuvenating it with options that maximize both functionality and energy savings.

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BAS Maintenance & Service

Prevent today’s small issues from becoming tomorrow’s big problems. Comprehensive maintenance services from MACC extend the lifespan of your BAS, and, in the event of a breakdown, we’ll be there promptly to keep the system running.

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Improving School Building Management for Superior Comfort and Energy Efficiency

MACC offers building management systems to integrate HVAC, lighting, security, and more. We have years of experience working with school buildings, and we’re dedicated to providing clients a system that makes the grade.

Contact us to outfit your facility with the advanced building management solution it deserves.

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