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Tridium Building Automation

Being at the forefront of capturing the open internet of things (IoT) has helped Tridium revolutionize the building automation industry. They offer integrative platforms that enable the optimization of buildings, data centers, industrial plants, and even entire city infrastructures.

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Tridium develops and markets Niagara Framework™. The Tridium Niagara software infrastructure integrates diverse systems and devices into a cohesive platform that can be managed over the internet.

They also offer Vykon Building and Vykon Energy, perfect for facilities managers, energy service companies and systems integrators. These frameworks can incorporate proprietary products into a unified enterprise solution for measurement, management, and control from anywhere in the world.

Tridium building automation allows you to monitor and manage your building’s facilities. From HVAC to security, Tridium controls brings exceptional value to building owners and management.

Buildings become more efficient, smarter, use less energy, require lower operating costs, and deliver an ROI worth investing in.

From managing hospitals to convenience stores, Tridium building automation transforms conventional facilities into intelligent and more valuable buildings.

Tridium Building Automation For Complete Control

  • Combine different systems for more efficient management
  • Maintain existing investments and integrate them with smarter technologies
  • Manage your systems through any standard web browser
  • Reduce overall energy costs
  • Improve building security
  • Gain effective control of your buildings/facilities
  • Generate a higher ROI
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Promote a sustainable environment and improve tenant satisfaction
  • Eliminate vendor lock by specifying interoperable systems/applications from various vendors

Building automation for buildings and facilities of all types.

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Tridium System Maintenance From MACC

Based on your specific operational needs, Mid-Atlantic Controls offers various customized maintenance and service plans. These plans ensure an effective management and control solution once Tridium has been integrated into your building or facility.

Our team is composed of industry experts with a wide range of specialty experience and building automation system capabilities. They can conduct the necessary service and maintenance required to keep your Tridium automation system up to date and functioning.

MACC is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, serving clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our service area includes Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and beyond.

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