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Total Room Automation

illustration of Siemens total room automationDoes your facility work for you or do you work for your facility? Siemens Total Room Automation systems exist to bring state-of-the-art cohesion to your operations, whether you manage one building or a network of structures around the globe.

With decades of experience, Siemens regards itself as the most comprehensive automation provider in the industry. As the world and your needs continue changing, Siemens Total Room Automation products are continually refined and redefined to make sure that there is always a solution.

With Total Room Automation, you’ll experience:

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Increased productivity
  • Open adaptability
  • Financial and energy savings
  • Intuitive, integrated building management
  • Peace of mind

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Enhanced Comfort

Total Room Automation makes tenant and employee comfort a cinch. From a single wall panel, a PC, or your mobile phone, you can monitor and regulate systems such as air conditioning, ventilation, blinds, air quality, and heating with just a few swipes of your finger. 

Research shows that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, and so we rely on buildings to provide an enjoyable environment where positive successes and memories can be made. 

Siemens’s industry-leading systems enable you to customize your facility’s internal climate room-by-room, allowing for the nuances of personal preference and traffic to inform your resource decisions.

Increased Productivity

The benefits of comfort don’t end with simply feeling good. It’s common knowledge that happy employees are productive employees. 

A suitable environment will decrease absenteeism in the office and help everyone feel more relaxed and capable. Studies have also shown that students in classrooms with regulated CO2 levels also earn better grades!

Open Adaptability

Future-proof your building with Total Room Automation through Siemens. 

Technologies and expectations are ever-changing in a world that becoming ever-the-more digitized. As you change, solutions to your building’s daily demands change, too.

Thinking about putting in a new system or adding more facilities to your business? Siemens’s flexible, modular system will meet whatever new growth challenges you encounter with consistent ease.

Financial & Energy Savings

Siemens Total Room Automation takes the guesswork out of efficiency through algorithms that suggest the maximum levels of HVAC comfort. Consider the time, money, and energy you’ll save when all of your operations are brought under one comprehensive and cohesive system.

These energy-efficient infrastructure solutions are celebrated worldwide for providing businesses with insights on operational interruptions and on when to seek preventative maintenance. Such insights help uphold peak performance levels and ensure system-wide durability, preventing more costly maintenance down the road.

Intuitive, Integrated Building Management

It’s easy to analyze and manage your facilities with an intuitive interface accessible through a computer, cell phone, tablet, or laptop — anytime, from anywhere in the world. With one simple tool, you can operate all room disciplines with the guarantee of employing the ideal settings for lighting, shading, air flow, heating, and cooling.

Whether you manage a small building, a skyscraper, or a legion of sites, Siemens Total Room Automation gives you 24/7 access to your data, which is increasingly important on a planet that’s growing more and more connected.

Peace Of Mind

Your fire detection and security solutions can also be incorporated in the same, united system. 

Apartment building tenants and office employees alike can know for certain that themselves and their valuables are in a good, safe place throughout the day.

With thoughts freed from worry, expect your team to have more bandwidth to reach new levels of progress.

Customer Testimonials

Exceptional company. My service BAS tech goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things are right. Very please with the service.
14:06 04 Sep 18
So far MACC has converted 4 of our buildings from Staefa controls to Tridium N-4. Their sales, engineering, installation, and service personnel both during and since these projects have been outstanding. They are a group of people that have had many years in the HVAC field so they know how systems are supposed to work and have made many upgrades in the logical programming to make our system much more efficient and user friendly which is far over what we would have imagined. The staff has been more than willing to listen to us as customers and combining our suggestions along with theirs to give us a product that has been seamless, flawless, and just plain works! So far this has been a great experience and a looking forward to working with MACC in upcoming projects soon to take place. I am willing to talk to anyone anytime to answer questions you might have about our experience. MACC can get you in touch with me.Paul Sexton Building Systems Superintendent County of York
Paul sexton
Paul sexton
02:00 02 Feb 18

Total Room Automation Creates The Perfectly Balanced Environment 

Perfect for you, perfect for your staff and clients, perfect for your wallet — Siemens Total Room Automation is a benchmark company in the building efficiency industry. With solutions for every type of building, there’s no situation too unique where Siemens cannot help.

Reach out to a MACC’s technician today to find the right answer for your business.

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