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Performance Challenge

Challenge: Can you buy replacement products, services, or tools to expand, maintain, and service your existing BAS from anyone other than your current vendor? 

If the answer is NO, you likely have a proprietary system that doesn’t allow you to choose your control system solutions or provider.

Proprietary systems were developed as proprietary (single/restricted source of product and service) because most of those large system providers just can’t risk their business profit model over having to actually provide superior performance on every single project. Also, if their customers never get the opportunity to utilize the services of better performing competitors then they will never know that something far better is available.

We make sure every MACC customer can answer Yes to all the performance challenge questions. Because Customers hire MACC for performance, not proprietary products.

Go with Non-Proprietary Building Automation Equipment

Don’t be distracted by claims of their ability to provide “open systems” and third-party integration, because they are designed to distract you from the real question. Just take our performance challenge and you will really understand if you still have freedom from your system vendor/solutions provider.

Let us show you how you can take your freedom of choice back and dramatically improve your system performance while decreasing the associated costs of installation, expansion, maintenance, and service.

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