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Building Automation System (BAS) Engineering

building automation engineering

Your complex building or fleet of facilities were either constructed or has been renovated to best suit the unique needs of your operation. You’ve determined the most feasible and cost-effective means of utilizing your structures for specific functions. Now, you’re considering implementing (or upgrading) a building automation system (BAS) to help further streamline your efforts.

With a BAS in place that is properly installed, well maintained, and mindfully administered, you can save money, use less energy, and increase the overall comfort of those who live or work in your buildings. 

MACC is an industry leader in BAS engineering and has helped improve the successes of large-scale operations through experienced and skilled building automation engineering.

Custom BAS Engineering

It’s not enough to be familiar with BAS systems. BAS engineering requires the ability to analyze a particular building’s (or several buildings’) current level of functionality. BAS engineering also requires the ability to assess — both in the short and long-term — how to best integrate building automation systems in ways that will optimize operational efficiency and utility.

A building automation engineer designs your BAS to best meet yours and your project’s requirements. To do this well, the engineer needs to have not only broad expertise but up-to-date expertise and intelligent improvisational skills. 

MACC’s BAS engineers have been working with every building automation system of the last 30 years, while also maintaining a growing knowledge bank of cutting-edge technologies. We know what to do and how to do it, no matter what your needs might be.

Value Of Clear Vision

With the help of top-tier industry professionals, your project benefits from the insights earned over numerous projects similar and dissimilar to your own. This diverse perspective means that potential obstacles can be seen ahead of time. A knowledgeable building automation engineer will also have many insights on best practices (what will and won’t work), which will ultimately save you both time and money.

Real-time system monitoring is available at any moment from any device, anywhere in the world, giving you the ability to respond to immediate needs immediately — and with precision.

Smooth Operation

Your project won’t run optimally by mistake. To ensure that your building works effectively, BAS engineering through MACC provides businesses like shopping malls (some of the largest in the country), airports, universities, and national banks with complete design documents such as sequences, panel layouts, flow diagrams, and point-to-point wiring schematics.

Our skilled building automation engineers will work with you to understand the material so that together we can make informed decisions for your operation’s continued improvement and progress.

Safety Matters

When you are working with a complex building automation system that includes HVAC, lighting, shading, security cameras, alarms, ventilation, and more, one of the main goals is keeping occupants safe. 

An unsafe environment is an unproductive (or even counterproductive) environment. And safety is increased when building automation engineering is implemented skillfully. 

Preventing and quickly addressing potential hazards such as break-ins, fires, power failures, and earthquakes is just one of the great features of building automation engineering. Doing so will promote the peace of mind of employees, customers, or residents — which in turn will improve the overall quality and functionality of your project.

In addition, BAS engineering will uphold your responsibility for keeping everyone safe during a worst-case-scenario.

Customer Testimonials

Exceptional company. My service BAS tech goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things are right. Very please with the service.
14:06 04 Sep 18
So far MACC has converted 4 of our buildings from Staefa controls to Tridium N-4. Their sales, engineering, installation, and service personnel both during and since these projects have been outstanding. They are a group of people that have had many years in the HVAC field so they know how systems are supposed to work and have made many upgrades in the logical programming to make our system much more efficient and user friendly which is far over what we would have imagined. The staff has been more than willing to listen to us as customers and combining our suggestions along with theirs to give us a product that has been seamless, flawless, and just plain works! So far this has been a great experience and a looking forward to working with MACC in upcoming projects soon to take place. I am willing to talk to anyone anytime to answer questions you might have about our experience. MACC can get you in touch with me.Paul Sexton Building Systems Superintendent County of York
Paul sexton
Paul sexton
02:00 02 Feb 18

World-Class Building Automation Engineering

Building automation engineering is critical for a healthy project environment. You can manage even an entire global network of facilities with care and first-rate knowledge when your BAS is planned, implemented, and maintained by an expert BAS engineer. This is true whether you’re developing a brand new BAS or improving a legacy system.

Your project is worth operating at its fullest potential — running smoothly and growing sustainably within your budget. Even seemingly simple tasks can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. Experienced BAS engineering from MACC is here to help with that.

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