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JCI Facility Explorer Building Automation

Johnson Controls has its eye on the future. Their employees work passionately to make a difference and advance technologies that reduce energy consumption in buildings across the globe.

With innovative solutions for challenges like wasted resources or lack of productivity, JCI Controls helps bring peace of mind to companies of all sizes. Their reliable and scalable solutions are readily entrusted by facility managers and business owners alike.

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Facility Explorer is a state of the art building automation system created by Johnson Controls. The Facility Explorer platform arms building owners with closed-loop control over the various mechanical and environmental systems throughout a building for monitoring and adjusting that can be done remotely at the touch of a button.

As a fully integrated and comprehensive control system, Facility Explorer integrates with a variety of technologies to help improve comfort and reduce energy costs. The graphic interface supplies a wealth of data in a condensed, manageable format that simplifies building management.

Optimal System Performance & Reliability With Johnson Controls

  • Combine solutions for management and systems into one integrated program
  • Use a single platform for network controls, security monitoring, database logistics, and more
  • Real-time solutions with state of the art technology that’s evolved to eliminate wasted time and resources
  • Sophisticated alarm management options
  • Merge management and IT solutions into one uniform program
  • Streamline daily monitoring with Johnson Controls’ Facility Explorer
  • Early warnings of any equipment breakdown or flaws, extending overall lifespan and lowering or eliminating downtime
  • Converge daily tasks like billing, accounting, energy use, and management to make pointed business decisions in real-time

Johnson Controls Facility Explorer comes with years of trusted service. We monitor the latest upgrades in tech so we can provide the best, most comprehensive service around. JCI Controls offers access to closed-circuit business changes at the touch of a button. That means monitoring and adjusting cost in real-time.

Don’t wait to make changes that can impact your business now. Use JCI Controls for adaptability every day on the job.

Additional Features Of JCI Controls

Gain access to electronics that work in tandem with one another to provide a smooth customer experience. With customizable options and machines that are long-lasting and high quality, you can ensure a lasting experience that requires little maintenance time or ongoing upgrades.

Just quality electronics that work — whether logging in at the source or remotely through a mobile device — Johnson Controls is a name and a product that you can trust.

Johnson Controls offers:

  • Electronics that are easy to program and slick to read, from any location
  • A variety of networking communications
  • Data sharing that’s accessible across your entire network
  • Communication technologies that work with you
  • A graphic user interface that’s extremely user-friendly

Products and solutions for:

  • HVAC Equipment
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Distributed Energy Storage
  • Digital Solutions
  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Building Automation & Controls
  • Residential & Smart Home
  • Security

JCI Facility Explorer Building Automation System Maintenance From MACC

Based on your unique operational requirements, Mid-Atlantic Controls provides customized maintenance and service plans. These plans offer effective management and control solutions once JCI Facility Explorer has been integrated into your building or facility.

Our team of industry experts have a wide range of specialty experience and building automation system capabilities. They deliver innovative solutions required to keep your JCI Controls not only current but efficient.

MACC is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, but we serve multiple market segments throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. This included Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and beyond.

Control your facility with Johnson Controls.

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