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Smart Room Control Solution

You’ve labored to create and maintain an operation that many people and functions rely upon. Whether you’re running a university, a hospital, military housing, a large office building, a global web of facilities, or something similarly complex — MACC is here to help you bring simplicity to your networks. 

engineer using Distech smart room control solution

Distech Controls’ award-winning Smart Room Control Solution rivals some of the best controls products on the market. Combined with MACC’s decades of experience implementing and managing such systems, Distech Smart Room Control Solution can meet the needs of your high-end workplace in smart, reliable ways.

Smart room control benefits include:

  • Cost & energy savings
  • Ease of use
  • Endless customization potential
  • Highly connective
  • Improved comfort


When you implement Distech’s Smart Room Control Solution, you’re getting a flashy way to manage your building(s). You’re installing an intelligent means of making the best, most efficient use of your resources.

You’re saving time. You’ll be able to monitor and troubleshoot system-wide issues from a variety of networks such as HVAC, lighting, shading, humidity, and fan speed, with one seamless interface.

You’re saving energy. Advanced applications and algorithms give your facility managers and system integrators the data and suggestions they need to maximize employee and occupant comfort when it’s needed. This ensures that you’re using electricity, not wasting it.

You’re saving money. A streamlined system such as Distech’s Smart Room Control Solution uses only the required amount of materials and wiring — limiting redundancy, unnecessary complexity, and more potential points of failure. You’ll need fewer people on the job, freeing up your staff to put their energies directly into your operations. 

Ease Of Use

A smart room control system is only as good as its interface, and Distech offers some of the most elegantly designed tools. A sleek interface and discrete aesthetic put your controls at the forefront of usability without being distracting. It simply blends into the overall environment.

This easy-to-use system not only controls all environmental considerations (including temperature and humidity), but also your schedules, security alarms, and trend logs. Touch screens give you access to monitor and interact with a variety of operating parameters, enhancing your troubleshooting capabilities.

You can elect to use wired, Wi-Fi or a combination of the two to merge all of your networks into one. You can implement new control sequences and convert previous ones. Distech’s Smart Room Control Solution will improve overall system performance while speeding up your ability to respond to all situations — foreseen or otherwise — from any device, anywhere you have internet.

Endless Customization Potential

Your operations are unique, so your solutions for controlling them should be, too. Distech Controls’ Smart Room Control Solution is an “end-to-end” system, and each element along the way between planning, commissioning, maintaining, and upgrading provides multiple options based on what your buildings require.

This easy-to-configure system facilitates the creation of your mobile apps, too, while also coming embedded with pre-existing ones to get you started.

Furthermore, having a system that is tailored to your specific architecture, workflow, and IT infrastructure requires energy, material, and time, allowing you to increase your overall efficiency.

Highly Connective

Having a unified system for your lighting, HVAC room terminal equipment, shading, security and more is enhanced by Distech’s commitment to sustainable, comfortable, and innovative workspaces and technology. In addition, you’re provided with stable lines of communication, even in the event of power failure.

You, your staff, and other occupants will have convenient access to essential system information when it’s most relevant — immediately and in hindsight.

Improved Comfort

With Distech Controls’ Smart Room Control Solution, you can bring about optimal comfort levels while also improving your margins. Don’t cut corners, cut inefficiencies, and your operations will run more smoothly and sustainably.

With the level of data you’ll have access to, you can provide yourself with the ability to make decisions to increase environmental enjoyment intelligently, at a lower cost. And if your staff and occupants are happy, they’re sure to let you know.

Smart Room Control For A Smarter Building System

There’s no need to wait to have a smarter, unified building system. You can begin today by reaching out to us about installing a smart room control system into your facility or facilities.

We have a passion to help you in the ways that bring you closer to — if not surpassing — your goals. Contact MACC today to start a conversation on how Distech Controls Smart Room Control Solution can work for you.