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Building Automation Services

Bring new life to business functions and operations with building automation services from Mid-Atlantic Controls. These comprehensive, state of the art technologies allow for strategic and pointed upgrades to your facility.

Custom Building Automation Service

We invite you to work with us to create custom options for your commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and other properties. Let us help you gain insight and quick access to a variety of advanced business automation services and functions.

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BAS Installation

Gain peace of mind by having your building automation system installed by MACC’s experienced professionals. Each technician is fully trained and knowledgeable on our highly technical products, eliminating worry or user error during the installation process.

We work hard to not only properly place each piece of equipment, but to ensure the system is best configured for your unique specifications

BAS Repair & Maintenance

Even the best performing equipment can break down over time. With proper upkeep and maintenance, however, the lifespan of technical systems can be greatly expanded.

MACC encourages building automation system maintenance, but in the event of a repair, we will work every step of the way to get equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.

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BAS Upgrades & Retrofits

Building automation systems from MACC are incredibly scalable. Easily upgrade or add to your facility’s building automation system at any point. Our team makes the process straightforward and effective.

Simply discuss options with one of our technicians and learn what’s best for your ongoing needs.

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BAS Design & Construction

Create and customize building configurations for unique industry and property specifications.

Integrate the building automation system features that give you control and allow you to streamline operations, by looking to the experts at MACC to design and construct a custom building automation services solution for you.

BAS Project Management

Work smarter, not harder.

MACC offers project management services to support you in gaining insight into how your building is working. Obtain building data, energy usage statistics, and more to help you eliminate inefficiencies and redirect focus to building updates that work in your favor.

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BAS Software Engineering

With high-tech software, MACC’s building automation services are a perfectly engineered system.

Utilize this user-friendly platform and enjoy invaluable business data to assist you in making smarter decisions.

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MACC takes the guesswork out of building automation services by being involved in everything from building to installation to implementation.

With equipment that’s pre-fabricated, you can rest at ease, knowing your facility is armed with automated services that can be remotely accessed. Our products come with high-quality materials and ease of use for maximum output.

Scalable Building Automation Services

Mid-Atlantic Controls is your go-to source for industry and property-specific building automation systems. Outfit your business with the latest technology for optimal accessibility, security, energy, and brand monitoring, and start experiencing what it’s like to have complete control over your company’s total output.

Learn more about how building automation services lead to smarter businesses.

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