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Each manufacturer has its own unique capabilities and performance advantages. Our design team works with our clients to determine the best fit for each project, based on the needs of each client.

No matter which product we provide, or our clients choose for us to provide, we will deliver a system that is based on open systems concepts and which our clients can choose to expand, maintain, or service from multiple sources. That leaves us with the challenge to perform so well that they will not make that choice. And that is a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Offer BAS Products from So Many Different Manufacturers?

  • We can offer the best available combination of products..
  • Products are selected to meet your needs and long-term requirements.
  • We don’t have to select products to satisfy distribution agreements.
  • Multiple open protocol selections are available.
  • We can provide the best systems for the application.

Our building automation systems 1) help improve the comfort of employees, 2) allow facilities teams to more effectively and efficiently manage buildings, and 3) can help reduce energy costs.

MACC installs and services systems from the following manufacturers:

With an intimate knowledge of just about every building automation product and system used over the past 30 years, MACC impacts your bottom line with cost-saving, energy-efficient building automation solutions from a variety of well-known manufacturers.  

Our design team wants whatever systems and solutions we install to first and foremost align with your needs and growth — whether you are a corporation, institution, or industrial operation. 

MACC offers custom building automation products and services for your goals, current investments, and day-to-day functions, working with globally-trusted solutions from names like these brands listed below.

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Tridium Building Automation has made a name for itself as a revolutionary in the building automation industry. Tridium’s Niagara Framework system exists in more than 400,000 global deployments and is synonymous with building efficiency, quality, precision, and smart connectivity. 

There is no limit to the possible integrations, especially given that the Niagara cloud brings a diversity of complex devices and systems into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Niagara’s analytics allow systems integrators and facilities managers to incorporate security monitoring, data management, energy use measurements, and environmental controls from anywhere in the world. This is achieved through simple, cloud-based technologies with an eye on green sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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Siemens building technology provides globally-celebrated energy-efficient infrastructure solutions without sacrificing workplace productivity and operational growth. 

With Siemens’ automation platform, you can control building technologies such as heating, air conditioning, lights, blinds, safety features, and heating systems through a single interface — in real-time — from anywhere in the world. 

If you’re looking for durable, easy-to-use controls and automation solutions, check out what Siemens has to offer. 

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Distech Controls

For an optimized environment that is as simple as it is connected, Distech Controls can provide exactly what you need, and more. 

Distech’s thermostat is known as one of the most innovative control systems in the world. It offers up to 30 percent increased efficiency through automated lighting and security controls, smart adjustments that allow for maximum comfort and efficiency, access to important systems data in real-time, and wireless sensors. 

All of these features are controlled through a responsive mobile platform accessible on any device, from wherever you are located.

Streamline your BAS and business solutions efficiency (such as energy management, accounting, and tenant billing) in ways you’ve never realized — no matter if you operate one facility or many. 

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Honeywell building solutions offer a dynamic approach to energy efficiency and automation services in more than 10 million buildings around the planet. Their open platform puts the power of centralized control over independent systems in the palm of your hand through mobile accessibility and award-winning thermostats.

Honeywell BAS intelligently incorporates security operations, smart lighting technology (such as presence detection and daylight harvesting), water management, and irrigation control while providing peace-of-mind through financial savings and customizable alerts. 

What’s more, their systems are designed to be future-proof by growing with you, even accommodating multi-site connectivity on a global scale.

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JCI Facility Explorer

Another world leader in the BAS industry is Johnson Controls International with their customer-oriented (and well-trusted) JCI Facility Explorer technology. Their state-of-the-art system is known for its excellent performance, reliability, and ease-of-use.

JCI Facility Explorer provides one integrated platform that offers streamlined security monitoring, network controls, database logistics, intelligent alarm management, and more to help you eradicate wasted time and resources. 

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Cylon Auto-Matrix (formerly American Auto-Matrix)

Formerly known as American Auto-Matrix, Cylon Auto-Matrix is yet another powerhouse in the realm of energy-efficient, money-saving, integrated building automation systems.

Cylon Auto-Matrix’s innovative solutions monitor climate control, fire alerts and suppressants, HVAC options, lighting, security, and more. Enhanced graphic controls give you freedom and flexibility whenever and wherever it is most convenient for your unique operations. 

This streamlined feature for controls management is available without the need for costly add-on software or a dedicated operator workstation. 

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Get Building Automation Products Customized For Your Facility

With such a variety of options, it’s understandable that you might want to talk about a custom solution for your goals. So whether you are looking for guidance on these building automation products and services or aren’t sure what you need, MACC is here to offer helpful information and support.

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