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Siemens Building Technologies

A graphical representation of a greener global environment due to Siemens Building Technologies.Live with purpose and create ideal environments that fulfill your wants and needs without compromising comfort or reliability.

Siemens is an industry leader in building automation and control systems. They help set the gold standard for building safety and energy efficiency.

Siemens Building Technologies offers energy-efficient infrastructure solutions for use in buildings and infrastructure all over the world. Product lines include a diverse range of solutions designed to meet commercial, industrial, and institutional building needs.

Siemens’ innovative products help organizations:

  • Save energy
  • Reduce costs
  • Simplify energy management
  • Uncover hidden insights through advanced analytics and reporting
  • Improve the interaction between various components
  • Protect buildings, people, and data from cyber attacks
  • Optimize for occupant comfort

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Siemens Building Technologies For Smarter Infrastructure

The cost of energy is increasing year over year—and many buildings are wasting it. In fact, it’s been estimated that around 30% of all buildings use their energy inefficiently.

Siemens Building Technologies can help get your energy usage and connected systems optimized and under control. They offer several innovative solutions that promote sustainability, comfort, security, and efficient management of your new smart building.

Building Automation and Control

Siemens’ comprehensive BAS and control systems allow building owners and facility managers to create a highly tailored automation solution. The open communication standards used in Siemens products allow users to integrate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lights and blinds, safety features, and an assortment of other building control equipment.

Fire Safety For Peace Of Mind

Siemens building technologies deliver peace of mind by creating solutions to protect your loved ones, guests, and employees. Their smart fire safety and security solutions—from fire detection to extinguishing and building management—help safeguard both your occupants and the building.

Advanced Security Management

Ensuring a safe and secure space to exist and conduct business in a modernized world is of the utmost importance. Siemens Building Automation offers several sustainable security solutions that allow you to keep up with an ever-evolving digital environment while protecting your building, data, and occupants from cybersecurity threats.

Energy-Efficiency And Sustainability

Caring for the environment without compromising growth, comfort, and productivity can be quite difficult. With the proper expertise, systems, and technology in place, it doesn’t have to be. Create a more efficient building by lowering operational costs and optimizing energy consumption while reducing environmental impact.

HVAC Products To Ensure Comfort

In your perfect building, Siemens high-quality HVAC products work in unison to achieve comfort, encourage energy efficiency, and increase life cycles. The open communication standards like KNX and BACnet offer smooth integration into existing BAS and control systems, allow for the intelligent management of interior spaces, and result in ultimate occupant comfort.

Customer Testimonials

Exceptional company. My service BAS tech goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things are right. Very please with the service.
14:06 04 Sep 18
So far MACC has converted 4 of our buildings from Staefa controls to Tridium N-4. Their sales, engineering, installation, and service personnel both during and since these projects have been outstanding. They are a group of people that have had many years in the HVAC field so they know how systems are supposed to work and have made many upgrades in the logical programming to make our system much more efficient and user friendly which is far over what we would have imagined. The staff has been more than willing to listen to us as customers and combining our suggestions along with theirs to give us a product that has been seamless, flawless, and just plain works! So far this has been a great experience and a looking forward to working with MACC in upcoming projects soon to take place. I am willing to talk to anyone anytime to answer questions you might have about our experience. MACC can get you in touch with me.Paul Sexton Building Systems Superintendent County of York
Paul sexton
Paul sexton
02:00 02 Feb 18

Siemens Building Technologies Systems and Maintenance

MACC can install a new Siemens Building Technologies system or maintain your current one to help ensure peak performance. Our maintenance services will identify operational interruptions and mechanical/electrical problems before they become a major issue.

Scheduled maintenance and service plans from MACC are customized to focus on the core needs of your space by offering:

  • Equipment optimization
  • Improved system efficiencies
  • Lower operating costs
  • Static budget

Keep up with technology and system developments with regular systems maintenance on your Siemens building technologies solutions. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to reduce energy consumption and encourage smarter spaces.

Learn more about our Siemens products and systems.

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