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Building Automation Service & Maintenance

Gain greater control over your facility with scheduled building automation service from MACC.

Benefits of service and maintenance for your building automation system includes:

  • Equipment optimization
  • Improved system efficiencies
  • Establish a fixed budget
  • Reduce current operating costs

With MACC maintaining your control systems, you can focus on the core needs of your business. We offer remote monitoring and our trained, knowledgeable team is only a phone call away.

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Why Is Building Automation Maintenance So Important?

We Service BAS Equipment from All These Manufacturers and More…..

Top 10 Benefits Of Building Automation System Maintenance

  1. Preserve your investment. Predictive BAS maintenance monitors your system to ensure peak performance.
  2. Reveal and correct control system issues. Real-time diagnostics detect potential issues long before they become noticeable in your operations.
  3. Identify unrelated mechanical and electrical problems. Existing machinery and other hardware connect to your system’s predictive maintenance system.
  4. Reduce system disturbances and operational interruptions. Maintenance enables you to detect problems early, making repairs quick and simple.
  5. Improve energy efficiency. Locate and resolve issues, so there’s less strain on the system. This promotes clean and efficient operation.
  6. Reduce energy costs. Predictive maintenance decreases energy costs without disrupting employee productivity.
  7. Extend system life cycle and ROI. Maximize every investment in your company’s infrastructure, and other hardware lasts longer.
  8. Enhance user satisfaction. A high visibility process makes the control system a greater asset to your business.
  9. Increase performance of controlled systems (e.g. HVAC, electrical, and security). Systems cycle on and off as necessary. Consistent early resolution of potential issues ensures smooth operation.
  10. Achieve technological advancements. Recommended hardware and software upgrades keep your system current.

BAS Maintenance Plans

  • Labor only contracts (PML-Preventative Maintenance)
  • Labor and Parts (FM-Full Maintenance)
  • Annual and Multi-Year Contracts
  • Significant reduction in hourly rates when purchased under a contractor
  • Reduced Contract rates for extra hours if necessary
  • Contract price reductions on any parts required
  • Preferred customer response times guaranteed
  • After-hours and emergency services are available to all contract customers

BAS Maintenance Reports

  • Issued maintenance reports after each visit with service performed
  • Recommendations for improvements or upgrades offered as needed
  • Fine-tune your system for both efficiency and effectiveness with actionable expert direction
  • Understand how resolved issues prevent more costly breakdowns down the road
  • Guaranteed service and customer satisfaction

After Hours Emergency Service

  • 24/7 Emergency Service is available to all contract customers
  • Guaranteed response times are available to meet any customers needs
  • Get priority service with a contract so you can avoid lengthy system disruptions
  • Reduced service time and material rates for all contract customers
  • After hours services reduce losses from down times

BAS System Upgrades and Recommendations

Every contract customer receives opportunities and recommendations to upgrade their system. This guarantees you keep pace with technology and system developments. It also helps extend the useful life of the BAS while maximizing ROI.

For more information on scheduled building automation system maintenance plans, contact us today.

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