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Upgrade Your Carrier CCN Building Automation System

Carrier CCN UpgradesYour Building Automation System (BAS) can’t remain static. It needs periodic updates and upgrades to continue serving building users as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible. New occupants with different working patterns may need changes in HVAC, lighting, and security. Sections get repurposed and reconfigured and the BAS should be upgraded to suit.

Building technology changes too and improved controls, along with new materials and equipment, can impact operating costs. A BAS upgrade could reduce expenditures on energy, water, staffing, and maintenance.

Upgrading a BAS requires expert knowledge of the systems, how they operate, and new and emerging capabilities. 

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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Carrier Building Automation System

New and improved controls, faster, more precise operation, and energy-saving features. Upgrade your Carrier Comfort Network system and experience a dramatic improvement in performance and efficiency.

  • Lower energy costs
  • Savings on maintenance
  • Break ties with proprietary vendors
  • Preserve your initial investment
  • Maintain control of your original system

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Why Upgrade a Building Automation System?

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Carrier Building Control System

A change in usage or occupancy is often a clear signal that it’s time for an upgrade. Often though, the signals are more subtle. Here are some indicators an upgrade might be due.

Poor Performance

Rising energy consumption, increasing requests for maintenance, higher spend on consumables. Just some of the signs of poor or inadequate performance. If your Carrier BAS displays any of these telltale traits, it’s time for some changes.

Increased Operational Needs

Is occupancy increasing? (Take a look at the parking lot.) Have internal spaces been reconfigured or repurposed? Are people using the building outside of normal hours or at weekends? These will all increase demands on the existing BAS, likely beyond the level it was designed for. Time to start researching an upgrade.

Obsolete Programming Language

Somewhere in your BAS, there’s a terminal or terminals that provide access to every level and routine in the control systems. If you log in and find you’re looking at BASIC code, or maybe something older, it’s time to upgrade. Older languages are limited in comparison with what newer ones can do, and there’s less support available. Upgrade to a modern, even open-source, BAS language.

System Memory Issues

A BAS, like any control system, relies on memory to hold programs and execute commands. Changing requirements and age-based deterioration can lead to memory overloads and increasingly frequent failures and restarts. If your BAS needs nursemaiding like this, think about upgrading.

Outdated Manufacturer

Manufacturers of BAS components, and the systems themselves, change, get taken over, and go out of business. Even those that endure change their product offerings on a fairly short cycle. With all this turnover it’s almost inevitable your BAS will become a “legacy” system. Replacement parts and support will be hard to find and increasingly expensive.

MACC is big enough and mature enough to continue supporting legacy systems, yet it can also provide the upgrade path you need. If you’re not getting the service and support you need from Carrier, maybe you should talk to us.

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Maybe the existing system isn’t performing the way you expect. Perhaps it’s expensive and inefficient, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs wholesale replacement. Improved controls and select component updates may be enough to provide a step-change. 

MACC can review what’s in place and identify upgrade paths that address the problems you’re facing while minimizing expenditure.

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