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Upgrading Siebe Building Automation Systems

With a Building Automation System (BAS) to integrate your facility’s systems (such as heating, ventilation, lighting, and more), you can control the indoor environment for tenants while optimizing for energy efficiency. However, if you have an outdated, legacy BAS it may rely on obsolete devices and lack the functionality needed to meet today’s standards.

Upgrading your BAS to the latest technology helps keep hardware up to date, and gives you access to advanced analytics and superior equipment controls. If your system uses a legacy Siebe device or an outdated interface, consider upgrading your BAS.

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Benefits Of Upgrading A Siebe Building Automation System

If you’re using a legacy Siebe device, it’ll typically communicate over a “closed” proprietary network. These closed networks make it difficult (and sometimes impossible) to run a modern BAS using a Siebe controller. The older Siebe devices can communicate with legacy front end software (such as Ultivist or Invensys Network 8000), and integrating with a more modern, open front end system—like Tridium—requires an upgrade.

Siebe (now owned by Schneider) no longer supports their Ultivist front end. And naturally, parts for the older Siebe devices are becoming more and more difficult to source. Upgrading is the best way to retain the value of your outdated Siebe equipment, while also getting the outstanding benefits of today’s technology, including:

  • Advanced equipment control, allowing for increased energy efficiency

  • Reliable components with current manufacturer support

  • Easy-to-use, web-based interfaces for convenient, remote access

  • Powerful front end analytics to help improve equipment performance

Siebe Upgrade Options & Integrations

Over the years, a variety of manufacturers have sold the devices associated with Siebe. In the 1980s, two BAS manufacturers—Robertshaw and Barber-Colman—were acquired by Siebe Environmental Controls. Siebe eventually became Invensys, which was then acquired by Schneider Electric. As a result, there’s a range of legacy Siebe devices, some compatible with the obsolete DMS-3500 controllers, and others with the LonWorks protocol.

If your system uses DMS or LonWorks controllers, you have upgrade options. Either Tridium’s JACE controller or Distech’s EC-BOS controller is available as an interface between your legacy system and today’s open, front end software. This interface will let you take advantage of web-based interfaces with powerful analytics while still getting the most out of your legacy Siebe devices.

Siebe Products We Can Upgrade:

  • Ultivist front end
  • Network 8000 front end
  • Siebe/Robertshaw DMS-3500 controllers
  • Microsmart controllers
  • Global Control Modules (GCM)

Other Building Automation Systems We Can Upgrade


Why Upgrade a Building Automation System?

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Siebe Building Control System

Managing a facility using a legacy BAS is challenging. You’ll deal with obsolete or unsupported devices, archaic equipment controls, and suffer from limited options when it comes to new equipment. These constraints make it difficult to create a comfortable, safe environment for tenants. When slow network speed, poor equipment performance, and inefficient controls begin to impact your facility management, it’s time to consider upgrading.

Poor Performance

With an aging BAS, you won’t have the up-to-date equipment controls necessary to hone your building management strategy. A legacy system limits your options and your access to modern technology. Over time, equipment performance and efficiency can plateau or even degrade, affecting your building’s total energy usage.

Increased Operational Needs 

The facility you look after is always evolving with renovations, building improvements, and new equipment. If your BAS becomes outdated and doesn’t evolve with the facility, it can take considerable time and effort to keep all your systems running efficiently. For better BAS functionality, you’ll want to upgrade.

Obsolete Programming Language 

If your equipment uses an outdated programming language, modifying controls or making changes to your BAS becomes difficult—perhaps even impossible. That’s because it’s tough to source parts and trained technicians for obsolete technology. Without an update, the latest BAS advancements will stay outside of your reach. 

System Memory Issues

As a BAS begins to run out of memory, it has trouble creating complex reports and becomes prone to errors. And worse, a lack of system memory can limit your upgrade options. Stay on top of your facility management strategy by switching away from a legacy system to avoid system memory issues.

Outdated Manufacturer

At MACC, we’re qualified to install, service, and maintain systems for a variety of legacy equipment manufacturers, including Siebe. We work with each client, providing unbiased advice to uncover the best facility solution for their needs. If your BAS manufacturer isn’t offering the support you need, MACC has the professional service and valuable expertise you deserve.

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Your building automation system should keep tenants comfortable and safe while giving you access to advanced controls so that you can optimize equipment usage and energy efficiency.

At MACC, we’ve successfully updated a wide range of legacy brands, including Siebe. We’re an authorized Siebe provider and installer with the expertise to integrate your legacy system with today’s technology. As we’re not bound to one manufacturer, our objective advice helps you get the best solution for your facility, whether it’s updating, upgrading, or replacing your current BAS.

If your legacy Siebe BAS no longer meets your needs, call MACC to find out how we can work together toward an upgrade. We can help protect your investment and get the system ready for the latest in building automation technology.

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