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Upgrading TAC/Schneider Building Automation Systems

A modern Building Automation System (BAS) gives a facility manager convenient, centralized control over a building’s systems. With intuitive interfaces and cutting-edge BAS software, it is easy to maintain a comfortable environment for tenants. However, using an older, legacy BAS, means missing out on important building automation features like graphical displays, web-based access, and advanced algorithms.

By upgrading a legacy TAC/Schneider BAS, a facility manager can still make use of older equipment while taking advantage of the latest innovations in building management.

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Benefits Of Upgrading A TAC/Schneider Building Automation System

A legacy TAC/Schneider BAS (despite being associated with the open LonTalk language) uses a proprietary protocol to communicate between devices, controllers, and their front end software, Vista. This proprietary language essentially makes a TAC/Schneider BAS a “closed” system. Incorporating equipment from different manufacturers is difficult or, often, impossible, which limits your options when it comes to installing devices and front end software.

Upgrading a TAC/Schneider BAS to an “open” system enables you to use devices and equipment from a range of manufacturers. That way, you can install the equipment that gives you the best results for your facility. With an upgrade, you won’t need to source obsolete devices to keep your system running, and you’ll have the benefits of today’s front end software.

Installing an open system helps you keep pace with current technology and gives you access to a robust suite of building management software features. And as time goes on, you’ll be in a good position for future improvements.

  • Choose equipment from a range of manufacturers
  • Reduce reliance on obsolete parts and devices
  • Maximize energy savings with the latest analytics
  • Take advantage of web-based software connectivity

TAC/Schneider Upgrade Options & Integrations

In 2003, Schneider acquired TAC, which is why the BAS is now known as TAC/Schneider. This legacy TAC system uses Xenta controllers to connect to a front end software called Vista. Unfortunately, the Xenta series of controllers communicate to the system’s front end using a proprietary TAC protocol; the result is a closed system. Despite this limitation, there are options for upgrading a TAC/Schneider BAS.

It’s possible to upgrade a TAC/Schneider BAS—without replacing devices and equipment—by installing a go-between controller, such as Tridium’s JACE. This controller has a TAC driver to interface between your Xenta controllers and an upgraded front end called Niagara. With this upgrade, you get the powerful benefits of modern software without needing to replace the old Xenta hardware.

TAC Schneider Products We Can Upgrade:

  • Vista front end software
  • Xenta 400-series controllers
  • Xenta 300-series controllers
  • Xenta 200-series controllers

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Why Upgrade a Building Automation System?

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your TAC/Schneider Building Control System

Creating a comfortable, safe environment for tenants is a challenge if you’re stuck with an outdated BAS. You end up compensating for obsolete devices, restrictive interfaces, and limited functionality while having to optimize for performance and efficiency. If slow network speed, inefficient controls, and other frustrations are impacting how you manage your facility, it’s time to upgrade.

Poor Performance

A legacy BAS that can’t keep pace with modern technology limits the available options for fine-tuning your management strategy. As equipment performance begins to degrade, it affects overall energy usage, and, without an upgrade, you’ll be working harder to optimize as you don’t have the full BAS functionality you need.

Increased Operational Needs 

Your facility is always changing with renovations, building improvements, and new tenants. These adjustments drive your building management strategy, and your BAS must keep up. Elsewise it’ll become challenging to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. An upgrade is likely in order if your BAS doesn’t have the advanced capabilities to meet your control needs.

Obsolete Programming Language 

When your BAS uses an outdated programming language, it reduces your facility management choices. You’ll notice qualified technicians are difficult to find, which means adjusting the controls or upgrading your system may be impractical. When you update automation systems, your equipment and software options expand, and you’ll be well-positioned for future advancements. 

System Memory Issues

As a BAS runs out of memory, it affects reporting, equipment controls, and upgrade options. When you switch away from a legacy system to a modern BAS, you avoid potential memory errors and ensure you’re able to manage your facility correctly.

Outdated Manufacturer

If your BAS manufacturer isn’t providing the support you want, contact MACC. We’re qualified to install, service, and maintain systems for a variety of equipment manufacturers, including TAC/Schneider. We can provide unbiased advice on BAS upgrades, and we work with each client to determine the best facility solutions for their needs.

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By providing advanced controls, graphical interfaces, and analytics, a modern BAS makes it easy for a facility manager to keep tenants comfortable and safe. The latest BAS innovations let you optimize equipment usage and energy efficiency.

At MACC, we’ve successfully updated a wide range of legacy brands, including TAC/Schneider. As an authorized TAC/Schneider provider and installer, we have the experience to help you modernize your building management while safeguarding the value of your initial investment. We offer objective advice and work with you to achieve the best solution for your facility, whether it’s updating, upgrading, or replacing your legacy BAS.

Consider upgrading when your legacy BAS no longer has the functionality to manage your facility. Call MACC, and find out how we can work together on a migration plan so you can protect your TAC/Schneider BAS investment while taking advantage of the latest in building automation technology.

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