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Integrating Trane Building Automation Systems to Tridium

The longer you wait to upgrade a Building Automation System (BAS), the further you will be left behind. Integrating your Trane (or other) system allow you to keep pace with ever evolving technology while salvaging the investment that you have made in your current system. Integrating your Trane system into a open systems platform like Tridium will help you maximize your return on investment and stay connected with evolving building technology.

We can help you integrate any Trane product regardless of its age or selectively replace products you are not satisfied with. With the right equipment and advanced capabilities, facility managers can easily set a comfortable and safe environment for tenants. Anticipate better management control, longer system lifespans, and greater opportunities for cost savings.

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Benefits Of Integrating a Trane Building Automation System to Tridium

Some Trane BAS controls utilize a proprietary communications protocol they call COM3 and COM4. These are not published protocols but interface drivers are available that allow these Trane controllers using those protocols to integrate into a Tridium based platform which fundamentally makes these controllers able to communicate with other controllers via the Tridium platform. Through Tridium, these controllers can remain in service and effectively provide continued operation and avoid the expense of replacing these controls in order to upgrade your BAS.

  • Select the best equipment for your facility, no matter the manufacturer.
  • Choose from a range of Trane-qualified service and maintenance companies.
  • Optimize energy use throughout a facility with advanced, web-based analytics.
  • Take advantage of the flexible programming options and features that come with an open BAS.

Our experts are glad to share their industry knowledge to help clients decide whether to update, upgrade, or replace a BAS.

Trane Options & Integrations

Some Trane BAS controls utilize a communications protocol (commonly referred to as COM3 or COM4) via an RS-485 network topology for communication between devices. Upgrading a Trane BAS to an open Tridium platform allows more flexibility and functionality along with a path toward utilizing new technology that is being continuously improved and developed. To upgrade, we can replace the Trane communications hardware and software with a Tridium JACE with appropriate communications drivers that allow the Tridium system to communicate with the existing Trane controllers. This creates an open style communications architecture that allow the end user to utilize their equipment and replace or add on with newer open protocol controllers when necessary.

Installing Tridium’s JACE controller in place of Trane’s Comm3, Comm4, or Comm5 devices gives a facility manager the option to integrate legacy Trane equipment with a modern front end. It also makes it easy to integrate equipment from other manufacturers to customize the building’s management strategy. The new front end allows a facility manager to view/control their entire system from a unified, web-based portal.

Like Tridium, Distech is an open BAS, and they also have a controller that can translate Trane’s RS-485 language. Distech’s EC-BOSAX controller connects to a front end called EC-Net. The Distech system features a robust suite of analytics that makes it straightforward to optimize performance and maximize energy savings.

Trane Products We Can Integrate to Tridium:

  • Tracer Summit front end software
  • Tracer SC front end software
  • Tracer ES front end software
  • Trane Comm3 driver
  • Trane Comm4 driver
  • Trane Comm5 driver (which is an open protocol called Lonworks)

Other Building Automation Systems We Can Upgrade

How to Upgrade Trane BAS Equipment and Signs that it may be time To Upgrade Your Trane Building Control System

Integrating new equipment and technology into a legacy BAS is difficult (or impossible), and, using older controls with limited capabilities to manage building comfort is frustrating. A legacy Trane BAS, with non-open protocol languages and limited features, makes the building manager’s life challenging. When there’s a drop in energy efficiency, increasingly poor equipment performance or an uptick in system errors—it’s time to consider a BAS upgrade.

Poor Performance

An aging BAS won’t be able to reach its potential when it comes to automation, equipment output, or analytics. Keeping up with building management will become more and more difficult, and you won’t be able to control efficiency properly. Upgrading a BAS allows you to fine-tune building systems. And modern analytic software can maintain and even improve energy efficiency.

Increased Operational Needs

The newer the building and equipment, the more advanced your operating requirements—a legacy BAS may not be up to the task. Keep pace with modern facility needs by moving from an outdated proprietary BAS to an open system while retaining your initial control system investment. This lets you efficiently integrate equipment from multiple manufacturers so you can create a tailored solution that perfectly fits your facility.

Obsolete Programming Language

Some older Trane BAS control systems using the obsolete Com3 and Com4 RS-485 programming language will communicate only with Trane equipment, and often only Trane personnel, or Trane authorized service outlets, can service the system. Being locked into a single service provider is frustrating, and finding technicians willing (and able) to maintain the system can be a struggle. Upgrading to an open system gives a facility manager more options.

System Memory Issues

An older BAS with limited memory will struggle to gather data. Responsible facility managers must ensure their BAS has enough memory to manage their building correctly. An increase in reporting errors or the inability to install valuable BAS add-ons means the system requires an upgrade to keep functioning.

Outdated Manufacturer

As an independent contractor, MACC is not tied to any single manufacturer. We can give you options for BAS upgrades. Our objective advice helps clients decide the best facility solutions for their needs, and we’re committed to following up on all our installations. If you would like more support options than Trane provides, trust the professionals at MACC to deliver the superior expertise you deserve.

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We all know that an aging building automation system limits your options for equipment and servicing and that it becomes less efficient day by day. Not to mention, older legacy BAS controls make it challenging to keep tenants happy and comfortable.

At MACC, we’re proponents of open systems. Our upgrade experience includes a range of open and proprietary building automation systems.

Are you looking to upgrade? Call MACC to find a solution that combines the latest BAS technology with your legacy Trane investment.

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