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Upgrading Tridium Building Automation Systems

A Building Automation System (BAS) enables the centralized control of various systems from heating to ventilation to lighting to security. This control lets a facility manager tailor their building’s environment, making it comfortable for tenants, while at the same time, optimizing for energy savings. However, a legacy BAS only provides basic controls and lacks the advanced capabilities of today’s modern systems.

Upgrading a BAS to the newest technology gives a facility manager access to advancements such as a web-based front end, customizable analytics, and superior equipment control. A legacy Tridium BAS can easily be reconfigured to the latest Tridium system.

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Benefits Of Upgrading A Tridium Building Automation System

Tridium’s legacy BAS relies on obsolete parts and unsupported software to keep it running. These components make maintenance and servicing difficult (and frustrating), as replacement devices and qualified technicians are scarce.

Upgrading an old Tridium BAS gives you access to today’s technology. Tridium’s most up-to-date Niagara front end software comes with powerful graphic visualizations, enhanced analytics, and the latest cyber-security and defense features. But that’s not all—an upgraded Tridium BAS also puts you in a good position for future improvements.

  • Tridium UpgradesUse cutting-edge front end analytics to boost energy savings
  • Replace unsupported components and ensure future reliability
  • Optimize equipment performance with superior controls
  • Take advantage of current software updates

Tridium Upgrade Options & Integrations

Managing a legacy Tridium BAS which relies on controllers no longer supported by Tridium can be extremely frustrating. Finding parts for these obsolete devices is a challenge, as they aren’t being manufactured and can’t be upgraded. Older controllers don’t work correctly with Tridium’s latest Niagara front end software, meaning you must replace your obsolete controllers before upgrading your BAS front end.

If your system uses JACE 300, 600, or 700 series controllers, you need to replace them with JACE 8000 devices to upgrade. 

In addition, upgrading NiagaraAX front end software to Niagara4 or later also requires JACE 8000 controllers. Compared to the older models, the JACE 8000 series offers many benefits, such as superior performance, flexibility, and a wide range of accessory options.

Tridium Products We Can Upgrade:

  • NiagaraAX front end
  • JACE 300 series controllers
  • JACE 600 series controllers
  • JACE 700 series controllers

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Why Upgrade a Building Automation System?

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Tridium Building Control System

A facility manager is responsible for keeping their building’s environment comfortable, and they’re also accountable for keeping energy costs low. However, with the rudimentary technology of an aging BAS, this gets more and more challenging with every passing year. When frustrations like slow network speed, poor equipment performance, and inefficient controls hinder your ability to manage, it’s time to upgrade.

Poor Performance

If your legacy BAS doesn’t have the controls necessary to customize your building management strategy, your options for overall efficiency are limited. Without the proper control, equipment performance will degrade, and managing your building’s total energy usage becomes a struggle.

Increased Operational Needs 

As technology evolves, your BAS needs to keep pace, or you’ll miss out on the latest facility management innovations. Up-to-date systems provide you with better graphical interfaces, customizable reports, and increased cyber-security options. When your BAS can’t keep up with your needs, consider upgrading.

Obsolete Devices

It is difficult (or impossible) to make improvements to a BAS that uses equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer. Locating technicians who can service your older devices will be a struggle, and finding spare parts will become daunting. In other words, an up-to-date system gives you more options in terms of functionality, capability, and support.  

System Memory Issues

When a BAS runs out of memory it can’t reliably run reports, equipment controls stay limited, and you won’t be able to install the upgrades you need. By modernizing your legacy system, it ensures the BAS will support enough memory to keep up with your building management strategy.

Outdated Manufacturer

When your BAS manufacturer doesn’t provide the support you want, turn to MACC for our longstanding history of professional service and expertise. We’re qualified to install, service, and maintain systems for a variety of manufacturers. When it comes to BAS upgrades, we provide objective advice and work with each client to create a migration plan that fits their needs.

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A building automation system enables facility managers to keep tenants comfortable and safe. Modern systems include advanced interfaces, enhanced flexibility, and precise configuration options. These features give managers greater equipment control, which lets them optimize for energy efficiency.

At MACC, we’ve successfully upgraded a wide range of legacy BAS brands, including Tridium. We can help you leverage modern BAS technology while retaining the value of your current Tridium system. As an authorized Tridium provider and installer, we have the expertise to update, upgrade, or replace your aging BAS. And the best part is we’re independent, which means our objective advice gets you the right solution for your facility.

If your legacy BAS can’t meet your needs an upgrade is in order. To experience the latest building automation technology call MACC and find out how we can upgrade your BAS while protecting your Tridium investment.

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