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Struggling To Keep Employees Comfortable?

As an independent contractor, Mid-Atlantic Controls represents a variety of control products and systems. As advocates of open systems, our commitment is to our customers. We provide the right system based on customer’s needs – from HVAC to advanced building automation systems. Our goals are to provide performance-based systems that maintain comfort and control while delivering a return on investment.

We Serve Commercial, Industrial and Apartment Buildings:

Additional Features & Services

Mid-Atlantic Controls is focused on providing the control and security systems that meet the client’s needs, schedule and budget, while integrating all systems to save energy, reduce overhead costs, retain current tenants, offer remote maintenance, streamline building efficiency, enable a more safe & comfortable environment and simplify facility management. Control system components include HVAC, indoor/outdoor lights, access control, water and gas.

The features we offer integrate functionality, provide operational information, technical support and consulting and increase the life of mechanical equipment. Mid-Atlantic Controls also provides integrated security systems designed to secure against theft and intrusion, integrate security with building automation and facility management systems, deliver centralized alarms for access control, HVAC control and perimeter alarms and provide access driven automation for after-hours occupancy.

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