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Energy & Environment

After installation, either by MACC or by another vendor, we provide the necessary services required to decrease operating energy costs of a facility through the implementation of various techniques that improve operational efficiency of the equipment or systems controlled by a typical BAS.

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Employee Productivity Vs. Energy Savings

Energy Management Services

  • USGBC-Color-logoEnergy Reduction and Control Analysis and Implementation
  • Energy Management without sacrificing comfort or environment
  • Energy and resource measuring and monitoring
  • Annual energy management monitoring and maintenance services
  • Energy audits, recommendations and proposals

Environmental Control

  • Help create positive and sustainable environments
  • Maximize productivity of your most expensive resource through proper environmental control
  • “Smart Room Control” of HVAC, Lights, and Security

LEED Accredited Professionals

  • We can help you achieve your LEED building goals
  • Greener building operation through trained professionals
  • Analyze cost impact of LEED credits and goals
  • Propose cost-effective solutions that move you toward achieving LEED credits

Large Industrial Pipes In A Thermal Power PlantSustainable Solutions for Energy and Environment

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of environmental controls
  • Continuous monitoring of energy management solutions to maximize and create sustainable results
  • Recommendations to improve your facilities triple bottom line

Energy Audits, Recommendations and Proposals

  • Building and building operation review to determine energy management and/or environmental improvements necessary to achieve established goals
  • Initial no charge consultation to determine needs and possible solutions
  • Contact us for your initial consultation

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