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BAS Upgrades & Integration

upgrade-building-control-systemsMACC helps customers extend the life of the building automation system that they have already purchased (either from us or another vendor) and help them preserve as much of their initial investment into their BAS as possible or practical. Technology is constantly changing and staying current can be tough and expensive and consequently, it may not be practical. We show our customers a migration path that allows them to benefit from improvements in technology as they are developed without losing all the initial investment in their original BAS.

A legacy system is an older automation system that was installed in your facility and may no longer offer the solutions you require from your building automation system. These older systems are being outpaced by current technology and/or your growing operational requirements.

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Why Upgrade a Building Automation System?

Benefits to Upgrading a BAS System:

  • Preserve initial BAS and EMCS Investments
  • Upgrade older building automation and energy management systems
  • Upgrade to and take advantage of current technology with your existing system
  • Remove ties to proprietary systems and increase upgrade options
  • Reduce expansion, maintenance and service costs of your existing BAS or EMCS
  • Allow Multi-Building and Campus Integration of different systems
  • Integration of multiple systems allows the streamlining of building management

We specialize in providing our clients with a range of solutions that may allow them to utilize major portions of their initial investment while still being able to allow their facilities to upgrade to current technology and continue keeping pace as technology improves.

Here Are a Few of the Building Automation Sytems We Can Upgrade:

Contact us and let us show you how we can help you preserve your initial investment in BAS, EMCS or Security as well as take the steps necessary to keep your system always on the leading edge of technology as your future needs evolve.

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